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Homes for Sale in the Santa Clarita Valley

There are a lot of real estate websites showing properties and homes that are for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley.  How can you make sure that you are looking at the most current data available? We get complaints from our Santa Clarita real estate clients about the inaccuracies of real estate listings they find on-line.  We have had our clients comment that they seem to find websites showing homes that have sold - as being for sale. They also have complained that the cities are incorrect and it seems they have been built to trap buyers.

Let's the Paris911 Team at REMAX address these issues:

  •  "Inaccuracies of Real Estate Listings on-line" - One of the main reasons for this is due to the websites, that are populating with real estate data, are not meant to sell homes to the public. (there is no direct compensation in that way for the real estate syndication websites) These sites are built to get compensation by real estate agents wanting real estate leads.  The better this search engine can attract buyers and sellers within the real estate realm, the more money they are able to demand from agents that are members of their lead generation systems.  
  • "Websites showing homes that have sold as being for sale" - Not to beat a dead horse, but this is one of the ways to attract buyers of homes.  If you have a website only showing the listings that are truly available, with no tricks or gimmicks, that should be what the "real estate searching" public wants. So, you are searching on-line and not knowing the game, you see there are 120 listings for sale, in a city you want to move to.  You do a little more checking on other real estate websites rendering Homes for Sale in the Santa Clarita Valley and find another showing over 300 listings for sale within the same city and within your same parameters.  If you did not know any better, you'd think the website that had less listings for sale wasn't showing you the best results.  You had no way of knowing it was the website showing more listings that was playing a game on you!
  • "Cities are incorrect and it seems they have been built to trap buyers" - The old shell game - guess the card game - slight of hand.  Sure, this happens more than we'd like within a lot of the real estate websites that are selling your personal information to real estate agents.  You may see listings that are showing up in all their "glory" with multiple photographs and tempting words such as "pre foreclosures - foreclosure - bank owned - etc...".  However, there seems to be something missing, like the address or city name.  You will also stumble upon some real estate for sale - listings showing active - that are showing they are for sale in a city you desire, but come to find out, when you give up your personal information and a dozen hungry Realtors contact you - it is not in the city you desire and it's not even for sale!!! :(
Now that I have explained three of the most complained about real estate websites showing Santa Clarita valley homes for sale - let me tell you how to avoid these realty search pitfalls.

First - Search with a local real estate agent's system.  If you see what we have on our Home Page by clicking on the banner at the top of this page - you will see we have a large map that is centered on the Santa Clarita Valley.  Each of those properties that are showing up are currently available. There are no sold properties showing up unless you choose that option on the map. Furthermore, the listing data you are viewing on that map is current from the Local Boards of Realtors.  A side note -  for me to be able to show you these listings and due to their accuracy, I have to be a licensed Realtor, I have to work for a Real Estate Brokerage or be a Broker with my own company, and I have to have a signed IDX - Internet Data Exchange - agreement in place.  This is something the real estate syndication websites cannot do and the reason for inaccuracies.

Second - Interview multiple real estate agents for the area you are wishing to buy or sell within.  We talk a lot about multiple agent interviews.  Some of our Real Estate associates in the Santa Clarita Valley cities think we are crazy to want to increase the level of competition.  I say "what competition".  Who else is going to want the best for their clients, to a fault? There are some but not many.  I know we are not the best fit for everyone that wants to buy or sell a Santa Clarita Home.  Interview multiple agents to make sure you find that "best fit".

Third and final - How to search for the true local Santa Clarita real estate agents.  Go to Google - type in the words - Santa Clarita Real Estate agents - you will see some of the big syndication websites hitting on the first results page within Google.  Filter through the results.  You are wanting to click through on the websites on the first page.  Look for local addresses, brick and mortar shops - real addresses - look at the Google Street View.  Are you seeing local real estate companies with a national brand?  REMAX, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker???  Those companies are usually a GREAT Bet.

Be Safe - search well and please let the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita help you when you are ready.  My BEST - Connor MacIvor. 


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