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 Updates from the Santa Clarita real estate blog this week

I have written several great articles on our Santa Clarita blog about home buyers, home inspections and other things that home buyers and home sellers are wanting further information about.

Why Real Estate?

Back in 1996, I had been an LAPD cop since 1990. Paris, my wife, decided she'd take the oath to put up with me on July 1991. I was a relocatee from New Mexico for the sole purpose of becoming an LAPD cop.

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We had our first kid in 1991 and she managed to save enough by 1996 from her tips, she was a full-time student and part-time waitress, and from my salary for a 20% down payment to buy our first home.

The other officers that I worked with said that Santa Clarita Valley would be the place to go. So I took Paris, our son with her parents in tow. It seemed like forever, the drive from where we were living in Burbank to Santa Clarita.

In 1996 the mall was nowhere what it is today. The old road was a two-lane road and Newhall Ranch Road did not extend past Vons at Bouquet Canyon. Railroad was known as San Fernando Road and Tesoro De Valle was vacant land. 

We stopped in at a real estate office that had signs leading us off of the freeway at McBean and the 5 Freeway. We walked inside and met with the agent who'd be representing us in the purchase of our first home.

We also looked at new housing, but the agent steered us clear of those homes, stating that "New homes lack the construction quality of the older ones." If I wouldn't have listened, our first home would have been in Stevenson Ranch and bought for practically the same price as the one he sold us. BTW - the reason why our agent was steering us from new homes is that they did not pay him a commission to represent us. That is different today. We represent a lot of clients with the purchase of new Santa Clarita and Southern California homes.


  • The new home builders compensate me to be on my client's side, which in no way impacts our buyer's ability for us to negotiate for our clients and obtain discounts, free upgrades, paid closing costs, etc.. That way the new home builder has their agent and my clients get me 100% on their side.


Back in 1996, unlike today, searching for a home that was for sale was not easy. The agents controlled the inventory. There were very few 'online' systems for real estate. In fact, to upload the real estate listings the agent had to fill out a piece of paper - legal size - with a ton of checkboxes. That document was faxed (if the agents trusted it), to the Board of Realtors. They, the Board of Realtors, entered the listing into the MLS and printed out each morning all of the real estate listings.  That "new printout" with the new listings and the changes of the current listings was delivered to all of the real estate offices. One of the real estate office folks inserted the pages and updated the others with the correct updated property status.

This agent showed us a home in Newhall. Treelined Street - some of the trees on our lot were at least 50 years old - towering over the home. The neighborhood was great, neighbors friendly and I could see us living in this 1966 home.

The deal was done, we sat down with the Lender the agents referred us to. Our agent was present with the seller and the seller's agent. We sat in the real estate office meeting room and went over the details. Our agent negotiated the price on our behalf. Our lender then talked about the type of loan we were obtaining, provided our proof of funds and explained details about our credit profiles and employment history.

The other agent spoke with their seller and we negotiated us buying the Newhall home.

This process is so very different today, when you are ready hit me up ;)

We moved into the home. It was great. Neighbors were older. There were no kids on the street for our son to interact with. We did not do any doorknocking before buying the home, or we would have known this. 

I was a Motor Cop, so I was able to garage the police motorcycle at home. After we moved in, It was time for me to report to work. I was in the shower and all was great. I had my first home and my family was new and exciting.

I stepped out of the shower and slipped on the floor, almost hitting my head on the toilet bowl. I thought, "that was close". The Home was Flooded. Turns out this was not one of those unknown issues. This was something that our agent knew all too well, according to the plumbing company I called. I located several different plumbing stickers inside of one of the kitchen cabinets. 

According to the plumbing receptionist, our agent called frequently because the tenants had issues with the plumbing backing up. Our agent was acting as the property manager for another agent (that was not disclosed). The receptionist also stated that our agent called and needed a quick response to have the "main"  cleared out because the new buyers were doing their home inspection. 

I thought for a minute, "That was us!" Well, as I have heard, you cannot trust them all.

After a lot of teeth pulling and detective work, the agent made good and took care of the issues that came about by the home flooding. His act of non-disclosure was not quite criminal, but it was against the Realtor code of ethics.

During the event - which lasted almost 4 months, I felt naked and exposed. I had nowhere to turn. The agent's broker did not care and those whom I worked with had no advice I could use that would not land me in jail. 

Both Paris and I became Licensed Realtors in 1998 and 1998 - the rest is history.

When you are ready, I'll be here for you, as will Paris. Be safe.

 Mission:  Never leave a real estate client behind. Both Paris and I have been representing Buyers and Sellers in Santa Clarita and Elsewhere in Southern California since 1998. 

 Our start was because we were taken advantage of when we bought our first Santa Clarita home back in 1996. That agent had to be forced to make good on their promises. They did, but not after most of my hair became grey, a lot of incessant phone calls and reporting them to the powers that be in real estate :)

 It was not easy. It was not the way a person's home buying experience should have gone. Both Paris and I stayed up late bothered because our home was damaged. If the items that were supposed to be disclosed had been disclosed, we could have averted the home from flooding.

I suppose I should call the agent and thank him. He was the reason we became Realtors. He was the reason we got into the real estate business in the first place. Without his greedy nature, we would never be able to protect and serve your real estate needs.

We have one of the highest internet presence for Real Estate. That is because of all the contact I have written over the past years. 

I also promote our listings and help buyers/sellers with questions via our Real Estate radio show. We cover all real estate topics and discuss the housing market. Listen to our latest Real Estate Radio show 

  • Local housing updates
  • New listing promotion
  • Questions answered by the Real Estate experts
  • Syndicated nationwide
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  • Tricks, Tips and expert trade secrets revealed
I have to say my Radio Show located at HousingRadio.com has been a true blessing to our real estate clients and our business.

There is a ton of Santa Clarita real estate content posted on Paris911.com. We also have SCVblog.com where I post up a lot of real estate content showing the current status of the Los Angeles County and Southern California real estate markets.

On the Santa Clarita Blog, you will view our latest posts. I always make sure that I keep that content updated and share the same on all of our Real Estate social media platforms.

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Please join me when you are ready. Please reach out to us for our help when it comes to everything that is real estate. My offices are located in the Santa Clarita Valley at REMAX Offices.
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